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I deliver a range of individual, group/team and organisational services tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Services are available locally and globally and may be delivered at my Heartspace Studio, in nature, at your venue and/or via phone/skype.

Please feel welcome to contact me to discuss how we may work together

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Cultivate Self Love and Self Mastery for enriched health, relationships, purpose and performance

The Love Mastery Mentoring Program is an empowering pathway consciously crafted from:

– Universal Laws of Mother Nature and Human Nature
– Experiential wisdom from Eastern and Indigenous traditions
– Evidence based research and practices from High Performance Psychology
– Your passions, potential and Divine Essence

The Love Mastery Mentoring Program is delivered in 3 stages:

Core – consolidate your personal foundation to be a Happy Healthy Human
Speciality – optimise your full potential to be a Happy High Performer
Mastery – illuminate your Divine Essence to be a Happy Heartful Being

Each stage includes 7 x 60 minute sessions:
– 5 sessions for intentional/experiential learning
– 2 sessions for guided mastery and reflections
– Plus 1 x 60-90 minute Initial Interview for Core stage
– Plus 1 x 30 minute follow up session within year of completing each stage
– Additional sessions also available for each stage and ongoingly upon request

Sessions are delivered fortnightly over 3 months for each stage with flexible timing
Stages are delivered in sequence and may be completed continuously or intermittently

The Love Mastery Mentoring Program is ideal for individuals and may also be tailored for delivery in group/team and organisational settings

Please contact me for full program details and mentoring requests


Keynote Speaking


Authentic, creative, captivating style
Meaningful, practical, entertaining narratives to enlighten, enliven and inspire…

– Keynote and guest speaking
– Expert panels and commentary
– Boardrider clubs, surf teams, companies and organisations

Services available at your venue – local, national, international
All speaking services tailored to meet your specific needs and goals

Please contact me for enquiries and speaking requests

Surf Psychology keynote address…

Deakin University


Surf Sessions


– Being in the water or on the beach is a beautifully open, peaceful and enjoyable experience
– Engaging with the coastal environment enhances our sense of connectedness, potential and wellbeing
– Experiential practice of understandings and skills is the optimal pathway to cultivate wisdom and mastery
– Observing Mother Nature is a powerful yet graceful way to discover more about our own true nature

All individual and group/team sessions may be delivered in the surf and/or on the beach
Examples include “surf n talk”, “walk n talk”, guided meditation and mindfulness/heartfulness sessions

Please contact me for enquiries and service requests