100 Dawns Book Launch

Join Richy to celebrate the launch of his new poetry book “100 Dawns: A divine entwine of Mother Nature and human nature”

When: 7:30pm-9:30pm on Friday 23rd February 2018
Where: Quiksilver Bar61 Torquay – 61 Geelong Rd Torquay Victoria

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Soul Surfing

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to share “Soul Surfing” – the first in a series of short films I’m creating to illuminate the divine qualities and oneness of Mother Nature and Human Nature through our surfing lifestyle and experiences… Please click on post title for more details and to watch the clip…


Guided Meditations

Dear Friends, I’m pleased to be sharing a series of guided meditations in the beautiful space at Surfcoast Mindful Movement in Jan Juc… Each session illuminates our innate gifts of mindfulness and heartfulness to gently relax and restore our natural state of balance, wholeness and inner peace… Please click on post title for full details and to register…


Waves of Life


“There’s quite a few lessons I’ve definitely learned and treasures that I’ve discovered from just surfing”
Dave Rastovich

Simply going surfing can enrich us in all areas of life and it’s inspiring to hear everyone’s story about how learning to ride the waves of the ocean also helps them to grow as a person and ride the waves of life… Read on to discover some ocean lessons for life from Rasta, Dorian, Menzcer, Doerner, Keala, Layne, Occy, Clyde Aikau and Kelly Slater…


SurfCareers.com Interview


Many thanks to Troy Roennfeldt for opening the opportunity to share about my career in surf and performance psychology…

“Surfing simply became part me and so in some way it’s part of all areas of my life. Initially it was the playfulness in the ocean, I loved the feeling of lift and glide on a wave and getting thrashed and battered around in the water. The comfort of being in the ocean was something that just came naturally too…”


Surf Psychology Insights for Life


Presentation about the core elements of Surf Psychology – in particular the mindset and approach of big wave riders – to illuminate the basis for high performance and personal enrichment in all our sporting, business and wider life adventures. The talk includes a clip of some work I did with Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones for the Storm Surfer’s documentary, Pipeline poetry from Gerry Lopez and a number of insights from Kelly Slater, Clyde Aikau and other top surfers I have been fortunate to share time with…

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