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The Surfer’s Mind: The complete, practical guide to Surf Psychology
By Richard Bennett – Surf Psychologist

“Writing The Surfer’s Mind was a pure joy. I joined my passion for surfing and psychology. Completely absorbed in the nature, culture, psychology and spirituality of free surfing, competitive surfing, big wave riding and living the surfing life. Applied both experimental and experiential approaches to my research, knowledge and skill development. Gathered timeless words of wisdom from many of the world’s best surfers. Then lovingly wrote my book…

Along with sharing the inner secrets of high performance surfing, I also share ways to explore and cultivate deeper human values, such as gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, kindness, humility, relationships and Love, which serve to illuminate the heart. I believe this is the reason The Surfer’s Mind has resonated so beautifully through and beyond the world of surfing…”

Based on over three years of performance psychology research, personal consultation and in depth interviews with many of the world’s best surfers, The Surfer’s Mind is the complete, practical guide to tune your mind and illuminate your heart for best performance and deep enrichment in surfing and in life.

The book includes:
– Simple, practical strategies to think, feel and surf to your full potential
– Guidance on personal development through your love and connection with the ocean
– Specialist sections on…


Plus words of inspiration and advice from more than 70 of the world’s top surfers, including…

Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, CJ Hobgood, Taj Burrow, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo, Sunny Garcia, Layne Beachley, Lisa Anderson, Sofia Mulanovich, Keala Kennelly, Shane Dorian, Ross Clarke-Jones, Dave Rastovich, Simon Anderson and Clyde Aikau

First published in April 2004 and now in its second print The Surfer’s Mind sells in 30+ countries, is a recommended text for secondary and tertiary education and has become the “go to” guide for surfers as well as performers in a wide range of domains, including Olympic, Paralympic and professional sports, high performance coaching, the arts, education, healthcare, career and corporate settings.

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Book Launch Well Wishes

Congratulations on completing your book! All the best and I hope it is a grand success!
TOM CARROLL 2x World Champion

Looking forward to reading your book and I hope Bells turns it on for you!
LAYNE BEACHLEY 7x World Champion

Very proud of your effort…You da man bro!!!!!!!
ROB BAIN Former World No. 2

Reader Testimonials

Stoked to see the book. My pops is a psychologist with heavy emphasis on sport in the last 15-20 years. He tried to help me with my surfing back in the day, it’ll be fun to share it with him. Thanks and peace
NOAH JOHNSON – Big Wave Rider and Winner of The Eddie, Waimea Bay HI

I think you’re breaking ground in how to channel a surfer’s energies toward being better at it
NICK CARROLL – Global Surf Journalist

Written with both the soul and competitive surfer in mind
ALISON APRHYS – Surf Writer and Journalist

It is a really well written book that uses the surfers quotes to emphasise and back-up your points and will come in handy for many guys
WAYNE HUDSON – Former WSL Athlete and Surf School Instructor, NSW

My free surfing is getting better and better, my wave count is higher and I’m having more fun. Great book, thanks
MATT HUNTER – Free Surfer

The change in me personally and in my surfing has been enormous! So much of the fear has gone and I have been surfing better than ever. It’s also taught me so much about who I am and how I deal with situations in not only surfing but my life in general. I have recommended this book to my friends and thank you again for writing such a wonderful book
OLIVIA – Free Surfer

Your book has helped heaps over the last year with results such as winning the women’s title for the 2008 World Waveski Tour in Reunion Island and the 2008 Womens Australian Waveski Title. Thanks heaps, great read and a book you can keep going back to
MEL HARDY – Australian Waveski Champion

Just finished reading your book and reckon that my attitude and learning curve towards the ocean and progression in surfing has already improved. Would recommend it to anyone! Very informative and enjoyable read and good life skill tips
DR OLI JENKINS – British Rep for Surf-Aid International

My son was delighted to receive The Surfer’s Mind for Christmas. He has 
read your book from cover to cover and is now re-reading it… 
It is encouraging to see his marked change in performance as well as focus
 and determination. Thank you
DONNA – Parent of top Australia Junior Surfer

Been using your book on a recent trip to Bali… I called upon some of the ‘focusing techniques’ when I went out in 10 foot Nusa Dua reefs. My at home prep had been dreadful due to work and crap Sydney surf – it really helped
ADAM WALDIE – Surfing Atlas, Australia

I’m teaching a yoga for surfers class and I’ve been using a different chapter each week as an emphasis for the class. I’m getting lots of good feedback. It’s fun and I’m loving it. Thanks for the inspiration and happy surfing to you!
KRISTA ANDERSON – Yoga Teacher, Kona HI

I am thoroughly enjoying your book and using the techniques with my staff and students
CHRIS WILLIAMS – Christian Surfers, Laguna Beach CA

We have a copy which holds pride of place in our surf school – thanks and all the best
GEM – Innocent Surf School
, Nosara, Costa Rica

I’m enjoying every chapter of it. Right now I’m on “Your Opportunities” chapter. Specifically the Creativity part. I’ve already seen improvement in my surfing so that’s pretty awesome. Thanks a lot Richard
ROBERTO FRANCA – Free Surfer, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thank you for your most excellent book, The Surfer’s Mind. Truly inspiring and beneficial in so many aspects. I am a 61 yr old female whose love of surfing, the ocean, and the all encompassing way of life, has been with me since I first saw the sea about age 2! Thank you for keeping me out there in Mother ocean, and your words of encouragement and wisdom

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