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In 1997 I began applying the strategies I was teaching clients with fear disorders to myself to manage my own fear in big waves. My confidence grew quickly, along with my comfort and ability in bigger and bigger waves.

In 1999 I shared my discoveries in a series of articles for Tracks surfing magazine. My articles attracted much interest among surfers of all ability levels, including a number of athletes competing on the World Surf League (WSL – formerly ASP World Tour). The opportunity to transform my dream into my reality was now, so I resigned from my job and embarked on my journey of pioneering the field of Surf Psychology.

From 2000-2003 I travelled and worked globally on the WSL conducting observational profiling and applied research, guiding surf-yoga-meditation sessions and delivering performance psychology and wellbeing services to hundreds of competitive surfers, big wave riders and free surfers. I became known as the “Surf Psychologist” and continued to write articles as well as consult to surfing clubs, teams and organisations and share expert commentary at events. In April 2004 I released The Surfer’s Mind: The complete, practical guide to Surf Psychology – the world’s first performance psychology book for surfing.

It was a pleasure to begin my career in performance psychology by immersing in the sport and lifestyle I love. Since releasing my book I have also enjoyed several leading roles in Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games Teams, Institutes of Sport, professional sports, extreme / action / adventure pursuits, the performing arts, education and career / corporate settings. It’s been wonderful to see how my knowledge and skills in Surf Psychology have enriched my service in so many settings and how my service in other life / performance domains deeply enriches my continued love and work in Surf Psychology.

I appreciate the opportunity to share the line up and work with you on going faster higher longer deeper in surfing and in life…

Love + Aloha

Rich Bennett
Surf Psychologist
Author – The Surfer’s Mind 

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